CSNRI’s engineered composite solutions protect assets during installation, cut construction time, and reduce future maintenance costs on roads at river railroad crossings and in downhole applications. Our products are field-proven for centering pipe in casings, supporting pipe in areas where there is metal-to-metal contact or atmospheric corrosion, and protecting field joints and mainline coatings during…



Our composite repairs and innovative inline insertion valves help keep pipelines up and running without introducing hot work, environmental contamination or excessive downtime.CSNRI’s industry-leading composite products repair corrosion and erosion damage, cracks, dents, wrinkle bends, and structural damage, reinforcing pipelines and restoring them to maximum allowable operating pressure (MAOP). Our systems conform to ASME PCC-2,…



Asset integrity management is critical for offshore structures that are constantly working in an aggressively harsh environment that exposes them to corrosion and wear both above and below the water. Our composite solutions were developed specifically to contend with corrosion and have been used for decades to repair damage on decks, in the splash zone,…


Petrochem & Refinery

Piping integrity within petrochemical plants and refineries is critical to effectively managing process safety, environmental hazards, and business risks. ClockSpring|NRI’s CSNRI process piping solutions are the most robust in the industry, addressing the full spectrum of plant and refinery repair conditions from -50º F (-46º C) to 550º F (288º C). Our emergency leak and…


Pipeline & Distribution

ClockSpring|NRI introduced the industry to composite technology for pipeline and transmission line repairs and continues to raise the bar for performance. Initially, we applied our technology as a crack arrestor on high-pressure pressure CO2 lines, enriched natural gas pipelines, and other transmission lines that are susceptible to long-running cracks. Based on the success of this…


Structural Strengthening

GeoTree offers the most advanced composite solutions for private, municipal, state, and federal infrastructure assets. Proven through rigorous testing to be stronger than concrete, GeoTree has become the industry expert for industrial and civil repair and reinforcement solutions. Our products can be used to repair and reinforce industrial facilities, buildings, transportation infrastructure, seismic retrofitting, waterfront…


Tanks & Terminals

ClockSpring|NRI’s experience with tank and terminal repairs covers a range of issues, including sealing pipeline cracks and leaks, the installation of inline insertion vales when water shut off is not possible, roof repairs, berm and containment area protection, and restoring the integrity of bund wall connections. Our specialized products address a broad range of challenges…


Water Utility & Wastewater

ClockSpring|NRI offers a range of products and services designed specifically to meet the needs of the Water Utility & Wastewater industries.CSNRI offers the industry’s most complete suite of composite repair solutions for restoring and maintaining water pipelines, enabling safe, reliable operations in compliance with state and federal regulations.AVT’s inline insertion valve, the EZ Valve, uses…



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Smart Composite Repairs with Embedded Wall Thickness Monitoring

To enable the asset owner to monitor any wall loss at critical points, CSNRI has partnered with Inductosense a leading monitoring company. The Inductosense WAND sensors can be installed under certain CSNRI composite wraps allowing for wall thickness monitoring without the need for removal or re-installation of the composite – saving the customer time and money.