Advanced Valve Technologies training page

Advanced Valve Technologies (AVT), manufactures comprehensive solutions for the safe and sustainable repair and rehabilitation of critical water and gas infrastructure.

We are best known for the AVT EZ Valve™, an award-winning inline insertion valve designed for quick and easy installation for planned and emergency water line repair and pipeline maintenance, requiring no disruption in service.

CSNRI leads the world in developing, manufacturing, and marketing innovative pipe repair, corrosion protection, and reinforcement solutions for permanent and temporary composite pipe repair.

Our extensive product portfolio serves markets from construction, industrial, marine, military, and mining to municipalities, offshore drilling and production, energy distribution and transmission, and refining.


Our community of innovators has been creating ways to enhance people’s lives for decades, delivering value through sustainable solutions that improve health and safety.

Leveraging expertise across a range of disciplines, we produce highly engineered, technologically advanced solutions for constructing, repairing, and rehabilitating critical infrastructure.

Over time, the stresses of daily wear take their toll on pipelines, bridges, tanks, buildings, and other structures. Fyfe® develops and designs materials that strengthen, repair, and restore these deteriorating structures—sometimes to better-than-new condition.

Our experienced team includes structural engineers, designers, material specialists, material manufacturers, and project support personnel who work together to develop and design turnkey solutions for structural problems and provide technical support to engineers, contractors, and owners in the pipeline, building, and bridge rehabilitation markets.