Refineries, Tank Farms, and Process Plants

Refineries, tank farms, process plants and many other industrial and mechanical operators require a constant supply of running water to remain operational. If a break or leak occurs on a water line or a piece of equipment fed by water, many times, operations must be halted in order to make the repair, costing millions of dollars.


Having the equipment on hand to avoid shutdowns save industrial and mechanical operators millions of dollars a year, and is a vital part of any maintenance contractor's toolkit.

Insertion Valves

The AVT EZ Valve insertion valve can be installed on a live line with no need to shut off the water meaning it is ideal for use in industrial and mechanical applications where shutting off the flow is simply not an option. The valve uses an integrated isolation gate, which when operated after a slot has been milled across the pipe, allows the EM (end milling) machine to be removed and the bonnet with a resilient wedge to be installed.

The valve has already proved its value in a number of refineries, process plants, and commercial & industrial buildings by creating control points that allow vital repair and maintenance work to be carried out.

Available in sizes 1.5" to 12" the AVT EZ Valve is reliable and durable for decades. Learn more about our industrial and mechanical solutions from our below case studies.

AVT EZ Valve insertion valve
EZ Valve installed at German oil refinery
Water treatment plant
Hospital building
Water storage tank


  • Refining and petrochemical plants
  • Offshore/onshore applications
  • Industrial water systems
  • Booster pump isolation
  • Commercial buildings
  • Hospitals
  • High-rise buildings
  • Multiple occupancy buildings
  • Make-up water
  • Ground storage tank isolation
  • Chilled H20
  • Fire suppression lines
  • Hot and warm water pipelines

Maintaining and Improving Jersey City Water Infrastructure

Jersey City in New Jersey is undergoing a period of development and growth which has seen its population increase by more than 50,000 people in the last 13 years. To cater for this growth, the Jersey City Municipal Utilities Authority is tasked with maintaining its aging water infrastructure and improving its critical water supply to ensure it can meet the needs of its customers both now and into the future.

First 3” EZ Valve® Installed in the U.S. Isolates Church Enabling Repairs

City of Middletown, OhioSummary3” cast iron line service feed running from 100-year-old 16”Isolation required at church to carry out repairsInstalled by AVT EZ Valve expert with assistance from EJPThe City of Middletown Water Department in Ohio was contacted by the Holy Trinity Church as the facility required long-overdue repairs and maintenance to its water system.…

University System Remains Operational Thanks to AVT EZ Valve®

Northeastern US CitySummary Boiler serving a university utility system required repair 4” ductile iron pipe Team of two completed install in an hour-and-a-half The installation of an AVT EZ Valve has helped to future-proof the water system of a university utility system in a Northeastern U.S city.AVT’s newest certified installer Millennium Industrial Services fit the insertion valve to…

AVT EZ Valve®keeps multi-million-pound Sellafield project on track

Sellafield Nuclear Site, Cumbria, UKSummarySIXEP Continuity Plant under construction – to clean contaminated waterPipes that fed fire hydrants next to SIXEP needed to be redirected – current decades old valves were inoperablePeplacement valve required without shutting off large area12″ AVT EZ Valves were the solutionInstalled by R2M Site ServicesSellafield Nuclear Site is Europe’s largest nuclear site…

AVT EZ Valve®ensured the water kept flowing at a hospital

Baton Rouge, LASummary Faltering 40-year-old booster pump servicing hospital 6” galvanized pipe, 9’ in the air Valve fit upside down to cater for awkward position When a 40-year-old booster pump servicing Ochsner Health Centre in Baton Rouge, La began to falter, officials knew that had to resolve the issue fast. COVID-19 had left the hospital at full capacity…

AVT EZ Valve® Install Keeps Work on Track at German Oil Refinery

SCHWEDT, GERMANYSummary Heat exchanger required repair work in a crude oil refinery 4″ carbon steel water cooling line Located 15 meters off the ground Three installers took 1.5 hours to fit the valve Located in Schwedt on the River Oder, PCK Raffinerie GmbH is one of the largest refineries in the region. It processes 12 million…

Vital fire suppression line remains live while AVT EZ Valve® is installed

TEXAS CITY, USAPipe DetailsAn inoperable valve controlling flow from a secondary fire water pump house.12-inch carbon steel pipelineSummary An inoperable valve controlling flow to a secondary fire water pump house meant vital repair work could not be completed. 12” EZ Valve Team of three installers took two hours to install No service interruption Saved the…