AVT provides and online curriculum and face to face training covering the install of the full range of inline insertion valves. Training is available to anyone who is interested in purchasing the EZ Valve® Toolkit or accessing our RentEZ program. Online training should be followed by face to face training delivered at our Elk Grove Village, IL facility or at a location of your choice. In order to successfully, efficiently and safely install an AVT EZ Valve we recommend all installers complete the full AVT training program as outlined below.

1. Course Introduction including:

  • Intro to the AVT EZ Valve
  • Mandatory requirements

2. Pre-installation including:

  • Parts overview
  • Pipe access

3. Installation process including:

  • Pipe preparation
  • Mounting the valve
  • Pressure testing
  • Cutting the pipe
  • Installing the bonnet

4. Operation & Maintenance including:

  • Equipment maintenance
  • Equipment Storage

5. Process Safety & Assurance including:

  • Risk assessment
  • PPE
  • Safe working practices

We recommend all installers are re-certified each year to ensure they are kept up to date with any product improvements and changes.

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1. Intro to the EZ Valve

Trainer will take attendees through the different elements of the AVT EZ Valve

2. Online training

Trainer will take attendees through the online training they have already completed to ensure they understand all elements of the install

3. Watch install

Attendees will witness a close up install of the AVT EZ Valve and have the opportunity to ask questions

4. Carry out practice installs

All attendees will receive hands-on experience of installing an AVT EZ Valve covering all aspects of the install process

5. Q&A

Attendees will have the chance to ask any final questions

Detail to come:

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