DiamaShield™ 6” and 12” HDD Abrasion Protection in Canada


Pipe Details

Customer: Natural Gas Pipeline Company

Location: Canada

Pipe Diameter: 6” and 12”

Pipe Defect: Abrasion Due to HDD Operations



A gas pipeline operator was installing new piping at a road crossing in Canada, and found that the rocky terrain was causing severe abrasion-related defects in the pipeline’s epoxy and polyethylene coatings. A failure in the coating could lead to further corrosion and potentially catastrophic failure of the pipeline if it was to be put into operation without fixing the coating.

Citadel Technologies’ engineers selected DiamaShieldTM as the abrasion-protection mechanism for this particular case. 4 layers of DiamaShield™ were selected to protect the existing pipeline coating and to keep it safe from abrasion for future HDD operations to install the pipe underneath a road crossing.

A team of trained and certified installers installed 4 layers of DiamaShield™ over the specified area, which was about 500 meters of 6” and 12” diameter pipe. The following pictures illustrate the completed coating protection installation.

The pipe was successfully drilled underneath the roadway without any defects in the DiamaShield™. The extremely abrasive environment did not affect the DiamaShieldTM, and the operator was able to save time and money by preventing more pullbacks and coating remediation. The operator was extremely satisfied with the speed and quality of Citadel’s products and support.

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