DiamondWrap® 4″ Agrium High Pressure Repair in USA


Pipe Details

Customer: Agrium

Location: Texas, USA

Pipe Diameter: 4”

Pressure: 2,350 psi

Temperature: 375oF

Pipe Contents: Urea Offgas From Stripper

Pipe Defect: Internal Corrosion


An Agrium plant in Texas came to Citadel Technologies with internal thinning occurring on a 4” diameter long-radius elbow with Urea offgas flowing from the stripper. At a high pressure of 2,350 psi, thinning pipe is at danger of explosion. Agrium was in a tight spot as the temperature was higher than most composite repair systems could handle, and a clamp would have been too heavy and expensive to fabricate. Overall, 4 different elbows required repair.

Citadel Technologies’ team of highly skilled engineers designed a repair according to ASME PCC-2 Article 4.1, and recommended a DiamondWrap® repair solution to Agrium. Only two layers of the high-strength DiamondWrap® composite repair system was required to repair the 4” long-radius elbows. Review the attached calculations and information on the engineering assessment as a reference for the competent design capabilities of Citadel Technologies.

A team of trained and certified installers applied 2 layers of carbon fiber over the specified repair area of each elbow, according to the calculations prepared by the Citadel Technologies engineer. The repair cured within 24 hours. The unit did not have to be shutdown while the repair was installed, saving Agrium very valuable time and money. Below are photos of each completed repair.

Agrium is an internationally recognized company, and Citadel continues to serve Agrium and other national and international companies with its engineered integrity solutions. The customer was highly satisfied with the rapid repair of its potentially catastrophic defect, and will continue to use Citadel Technologies’ engineered composites moving forward. Citadel saved Agrium the expense of a costly shutdown while ensuring that their pipes would not rupture in the future.

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