Concrete Cloth™ Paved Drainage Swale Around Landfill Cap – Florence, SC



A decommissioned manufacturing facility owned by ESAB was being monitored by Roux Associates, Inc. to ensure the property would be kept up to designated standards and proper condition. There is an on-site landfill surrounded by drainage swales at the facility that needed to be relined. The asphalt paved swales had deteriorated over the years and there was no concern of project disruption since the facility was closed. The site had limited access, however, which also limited the type of material that would be easy to maneuver through the small gate for the swale repair.


Previously, GeoTree Solutions presented on Concrete Cloth GCCM to Roux Associates, Inc. at its office in New Jersey. When Roux Associates, Inc. was asked to take on the manufacturing facility job, it called on MIS for engineering support. After discussing the options with both Roux Associates, Inc. and EC&M, it was decided by all parties that Concrete Cloth GCCM would be the ideal solution for the project. The sensitivity of working around the landfill cap and the limited access prevented alternative repair methods from being considered, but the flexibility and mobility of Concrete Cloth GCCM allowed the crew to cut and carry the material on foot to be installed at the swale.


The team of about five crew members dug a trench to anchor the GCCM the first day, and then  installed the material for the next two and a half days due to weather conditions. Because Concrete Cloth GCCM cannot be overhydrated, the material was not affected by the storm. The south and east sides of the swale were lined for 650 linear feet.

Application: Paved drainage swale around a landfill cap
Client: ESAB
Location: Florence, SC
Installation: May 2018
Engineer: Roux Associates, Inc.
Contractor: Electrical Controls and Maintenance Integrated Solutions (EC&M)



Newly covered swale using Concrete Cloth GCCM
The material is anchored to the existing asphalt channel using four-inch nails
Newly covered swale using Concrete Cloth GCCM
The contractor used the weather conditions to his advantage to hydrate the Concrete Cloth GCCM because it cannot be over-hydrated
Asphalt swale before rehabilitation
The team digs a trench to help anchor the Concrete Cloth GCCM into the ground
The material is adhered together using water-resistant caulking