Concrete Cloth™ Slope Protection – Midwest USA



A Midwest Utility burning ILB coal has large storage basins that, over time, are experiencing varying levels of erosion on the basin slopes. The plant has tried several methods to protect these steep eroding basin slopes, including riprap and vegetated linings, without success.

The plant owner learned about Concrete Cloth GCCM during a presentation at the Three I Design firm during the summer of 2016. The asset owner approached the local Concrete Cloth distributor, D2 Land and Water, to pursue a Concrete Cloth GCCM lining solution.


The facility was looking for a more permanent and maintenance-free solution to protect the coal basin slopes. CC8 fabric anchored with earth percussion anchors was selected to protect the 1:1 and 1.5:1 slopes. Approximately 25,000 ft2 of CC8 fabric was installed during November 2016. The CC8 fabric was secured into an anchor trench using percussion anchors and then buried at the top of the slope. Percussion anchors were also used along the slope to secure the fabric to the slope.


The coal storage basin slopes are now protected from future erosion with a long term CC8 Concrete Cloth GCCM lining. The client is pleased with the results and will consider using Concrete Cloth GCCM at other locations at the plant where a low-maintenance slope and erosion control is needed, helping reduce its overall maintenance costs as compared to traditional solutions

Application: Slope Protection
Location: Midwest USA
Installation: November 2016

Installation of Concrete Cloth GCCM using earth percussion anchors to protect the slopes.
Installation of top of slope toe trench.
Hydration of CC8 lining.
Completed Concrete Cloth GCCM.
Placement of Concrete Cloth GCCM on coal basin slope.
Grading the unprotected coal storage basin slope.
Placement of Concrete Cloth GCCM.