Corporate Vision

To be a global leader in engineering, designing, and manufacturing high-performance critical infrastructure solutions that enable superior asset integrity management.

Corporate Profile

Technology is the foundation of our company, and on it we have built a broad portfolio of products and services that improve asset integrity.

Headquartered in Houston, TX, ClockSpring|NRI employs more than 250 people worldwide and has trained and certified more than 3,000 installation technicians, who are available around the globe to carry out specialized repairs.

Our story is one of innovation, leadership, and growth.

Our high-performance critical infrastructure solutions are used to construct, maintain, and rehabilitate water pipelines, natural gas distribution lines, high-consequence industrial pipework, and civil structures. We help drive global economies by ensuring critical infrastructure is managed safely and sustainably.

ClockSpring|NRI's repair systems are engineered in accordance with ASME, ISO, and ASTM standards to withstand harsh elements, high pressure, and the long-term effects of exposure.

International Organization for Standardization
ASTM International

Corporate Guiding Principles

  • Increase safety and remove risks from the fabrication/installation processes

  • Minimize installation variables and follow repeatable, controllable processes to reduce on-site risks

  • Provide reliable, durable, and sustainable solutions

Corporate Governance

ClockSpring|NRI's corporate governance enables the company to create long-term value without losing focus on sustainability and safety.

Wind Point Partners

Wind Point Partners (WPP), a Chicago-based private equity firm, and the ClockSpring|NRI leadership team are responsible for decision-making on behalf of the company. In fulfilling this role, the team ensures objectives are set and pursued in keeping with accepted regulatory, market, and social environments, providing structure within the company that allows for sound and ethical business decisions to be made that take into account employees, suppliers, customers, and the community. WPP supports growth via new products and capabilities, as well as through add-on acquisitions.