Western Water Works Supply Company provide Smooth Running Jobs from Start to Finish® through People, Products, and Systems to the premier underground contractors and water utilities.

Demonstrate that Shared Capitalism (a belief in abundance, freedom, and responsibility) benefits all stakeholders – our people, clients, vendors, and company.

Work: Work hard, long, & smart
Respect: Respect everyone & everything
Responsibility: Be willing, able, & accountable

Top 3 objectives

  1. Create Loyal Clients
    1. Deliver value by building relationships and helping our clients be more profitable
  2. Develop Others
    1. Obtain, Train, and Retrain the right people while providing opportunities to learn and grow.
  3. Business Performance
    1. Profit on Sales %
    2. Sales Pipeline
    3. Premier Client Index
    4. Stock Price
Western Water Works Supply Company

Western Water Works Supply Company
5831 Pine Ave
Chino Hills
CA 91709
P: +1 909-597-7000