Contour WA™ composite solution is one of the strongest and most durable coating materials available. Engineered, bi-axial stitched e-glass tape impregnated with a water-activated polyurethane resin forms a hard shell to protect piping and structures subjected to coating damage. Contour WA™ is designed for repairing corrosion and mechanical damage on lines to 1,500 psi and is ideal for repairs involving complex geometries and in water environments, such as applications on condensing pipe in the splash zone and underwater. It is designed for impact and abrasion-resistant coatings that protect existing coatings from debris, ice damage, and wear at contact points with other piping. Divers can apply Contour WA™ to repair subsea coating damage and to combat erosion in the splash zone.


  • Wet film thickness meter ensures the proper amount of primer is applied before installation
  • Dispenser controls consistent water-to-resin ratio to guarantee proper curing
  • AnchorPly™ adhesive secures the installed repair to facilitate curing without the use of a perforation tool
  • Durometer hardness gauge provides a way to verify a proper cure
  • Verifies components have passed Stress Engineering
  • Spool Survival Test at 3,300 psi
  • Compliant to ISO 24817 and ASME
  • PCC-2 guidelines
  • Fully tested by independent laboratories
  • Contour WA™ is available in multiple kit sizes


  • Spray-and-wrap technology eliminates field saturation variables
  • Installs without disrupting operations
  • No environmental hazards
  • No heavy lifting
  • No hot work, no heat affected zones, no chance of burn through, no VOCs, no fumes


  • Splash zone
  • Structural reinforcement on straight pipes as well as elbows, tees, and flanges
  • Girth welds on vessels and pipelines
  • Damage prevention to coatings from potential impact and abrasion
  • Installation on top of stopgap measures (plugs, banded patches, and clamps) to provide a longlasting repair
  • Fully submerged, subsea applications

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