ThermoWrap® 500 is a factory-saturated, custom engineered composite repair system designed with high modulus fiberglass architecture is perfect for extreme temperatures in process piping. Suitable for lines to 500°F (260°C), our patented factory-saturation process ensures the right fiber-to-resin content ratios are achieved for reliable products every time and eliminates the need for field saturation for faster application on site. ThermoWrap® 500 has been tested in accordance with ASME PCC-2 Article 4.1.


  • High temperature rating
  • Factory-saturated, no mixing required
  • ThermoWrap® 500 design conforms to ASME PCC-2, ASME B31, ISO 24817, DOT, API and CSA Z662 standards for nonmetallic reinforcing solutions


  • High temperature environments, to 500°F (260°C)
  • Flare lines
  • Blowdown lines
  • Steam piping
  • Chemical processing lines
  • Girth welds, elbows, and tees


  • Does not degrade in hightemperature
  • Can be installed easily in tight
  • Suitable for irregular shapes and
  • Can be used on lines of any diameter

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