Across the US alone there are nearly 9 million* fire hydrants, many of which are not operational due to their need for repair.

In many cases repairs to these vital resources are postponed time and time again as shutting off their water supply would lead to local businesses and homes also losing their water supply. This leaves water districts and municipalities with the delicate balancing act of ensuring enough hydrants are in operation, should they be needed, while not disrupting their communities to carry out repairs.

The AVT EZ Valve®, an insertion valve for water pipes, has proved itself to be quicker to install, uses an innovative cutting technique, and can be installed at full pressure with no need to shut off the water supply. Available in sizes from 1.5" (40mm) to 24" (600mm) the AVT EZ Valve is installed using the innovative EZ Valve toolkit which includes the EM (end milling) machines which cuts a slot out of the pipe meaning there is no possibility of coupon drop and the integrity of the pipe is not affected.


AVT EZ Valve isolates fire hydrant
6" AVT EZ Valve isolates a fire hydrant

Typically fire hydrants are supplied by a ‘T’ line.
This is a small section of water line that is fed by the main line running along a street. Conventional water valves require a large section of pipe to be available when installed due to the need for at least two excavations for the fitting of line stops and a valve, but the AVT EZ Valve requires just one small excavation allowing them to be fit on this small ‘T’ line and isolate the hydrant without effecting the rest of the local water supply.

Typical fire hydrant
Typical fire hydrant set up