Fyfe FRP - Advanced Composites for Structural Strengthening

Over time, the stresses of daily wear take their toll on pipelines, bridges, tanks, buildings, and other structures. Fyfe® develops and designs materials that strengthen, repair, and restore these deteriorating structures—sometimes to better-than-new condition.

Founded in 1988 to strengthen failing bridge columns using aerospace materials, Fyfe is a pioneer in the fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) structural strengthening industry. Today we are a world leader in designing and manufacturing Tyfo®, a system of specialized carbon and glass fabrics, which we combine with polymers to strengthen a wide range of masonry, concrete, steel, and timber structures. The Tyfo FRP system is also used to rehabilitate piping systems.

Our experienced team includes engineers, designers, material specialists, material manufacturers and project support personnel who work together to develop and design turnkey solutions for structural problems and provide technical support to engineers, contractors, and owners in the pipeline, building, and bridge rehabilitation markets.

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Fyfe Tyfo Bridge Strengthening
Fyfe Tyfo Pipe Strengthening
Fyfe Tyfo structural Strengthening