The Tyfo® systems are advanced composite systems used to strengthen existing structural members. The primary systems are listed below, but there are many others available and under development.


Tyfo Composite Systems

Delivering Structural Strengthening SolutionsThe Tyfo® advanced composite systems are fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) products specifically made to strengthen structural components.The primary systems are composed of high-strength carbon fibers combined with Tyfo polymers. A variety of unidirectional and bidirectional products are available to optimize the performance provided to each structural element.Choosing the Right Fyfe® Product for YouThe…


Tyfo Polymer Systems

Polymers and High-Strength Fibers Define FRP SystemsPolymers combined with reinforced fabrics form advanced composite systems used for structural strengthening. Tyfo® polymer systems are specially formulated to be used in conjunction with the various Tyfo fabrics and prefabricated systems.Our polymers have been optimized to provide convenient working times, excellent indoor air quality, and long-term environmental durability.…


Tyfo Coatings & Finishes

Coatings & Finishes Designed to Withstand the ElementsWhen engineering a repair, rehabilitation, or maintenance project, engineers and designers must consider a range of issues alongside the required final texture and color, such as exposure to elevated temperatures, potable water, and, in some cases, aggressive chemicals that could come into contact with the system.Our range of…