Fyfe System Projects and Case Studies

Fyfe®'s Tyfo® FRP systems - Advanced composites for structural strengthening - have been used for the rehabilitation of a range of applications covering many industries. Here you will find details of many of our projects supported by detailed case studies. 

Building Modifications Achieved Thanks to Fyfe's Tyfo System

Building Modifications Achieved Thanks to Fyfe’s Tyfo System. Edwards Lifesciences is the global leader in patient-focused medical innovations for structural heart disease, as well as critical care and surgical monitoring. The Edwards Lifesciences Building Community Center is at the heart of the company’s headquarters campus in Irvine, CA.

5959 Century Blvd Repairing Old Foundations

5959 W. Century Blvd, a 13-story non-ductile concrete building originally built in 1966, underwent conversion into a dual-branded select service hotel with rooftop amenities including a swimming pool. As part of the conversion, a full seismic retrofit is performed that includes adding new concrete shear walls and foundations and wrapping the interior columns with fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP).

Palomar College Parking Structure Seismic Rehab

STRUCTURAL STRENGTHENING, TYFO® SYSTEMOVERVIEWFyfe Company was successful in designing the carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) materials for a comprehensive seismic rehabilitation of an existing parking structure. The Palomar Community College District procured a property to expand its campus and quickly initiated design activities due to a proposed change in occupancy from commercial office building to an…

Northwest Doors Shear Transfer

Northwest Doors purchased two adjoining buildings within the same commercial building complex that did not have direct access to one another. The buildings were divided by existing precasted tilt-up panels. To gain access between buildings, two 20-ft. by 21-ft. openings were formed. By creating these openings, panel to slab steel connections were lost, causing a deficiency in in-plane sliding shear capacity.

Laguardia Delta Terminal

The redesign of the arrivals deck at Delta Airlines Terminal C required an upgrade to the loading of the beams and girders.

BYU Hawaii Student Housing Phase 1B

Brigham Young University’s Hawaii campus began construction in 2012 for its major expansion of the North Shore campus as it prepares to double its enrollment to about 5,000 students. The new renovation included modifications to 11 buildings, including two existing dormitories.

Allstate Tower Wrap Repairing Old Foundations

As part of a rehabilitation of a series of utility towers, the structural engineer recommended repairs to the foundations. The concrete footing needed to be excavated, repaired and backfilled. Morris and Ritchie Engineers called for a Tyfo® fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) system to wrap the concrete after it was repaired.

500 Airport Structural And Seismic Office Building Upgrades

500 Airport is an office building owned and operated by one of the country’s most high-tech manufacturers of government contracting software. The building consists of four stories and 45 individual offices along with a fully operational kitchen and a covered parking structure.

Mission Hospital Structural Strengthening

The short captive columns were wrapped with the Tyfo® Fibrwrap® system to ensure a flexural controlled performance. In addition to strengthening columns, collector beams were strengthened using our Tyfo® SCH-41 system and Tyfo® composite anchors to provide a better path for transferring tension forces.

Columbia Square Structural Strengthening

The Tyfo® SCH-41 system (unidirectional carbon composite) was selected to provide additional shear and flexural reinforcement to the structural members as required by the engineer-of-record. The Tyfo® Fibrwrap® system was able to provide a cost-efficient and innovative solution compared to conventional construction methods.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Blast Strengthening

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau building has started a tenant fit out of an existing building located next to the White House in Washington D.C. The super structure requires a blast strengthening component due to new terror concerns. In addition, the mid century modern aesthetics of the building carries the exposed column finish up the outside of the building from the first floor. The exposed columns located on the first level required blast strengthening using fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) while maintaining the current visual aesthetic.

Kresge Centennial Hall

All structural members were strengthened to the demands specified in a timely manner and with minimal increase in size. Ultimately, the Tyfo® systems were able to provide a cost-efficient and minimal impact alternative solution to conventional construction methods.

Northwest Crossings Structural Strengthening

This unique application of the Tyfo® system, allowed for the deficient CMU walls to receive the additional strengthening required without changing the architecture of the structure.

Waikiki Skybar Structural Strengthening

The Engineer of Record provided the demand values and Fyfe Engineering designed the Tyfo® SCH-41 system to strengthen these structural walls and regain the loss shear and moment capacities. The design of the Tyfo® SCH composite anchors ensured continuous tension transfer of forces through the slab. The Tyfo® SCH-41 system installed on the topside of the slab provided the required negative flexural capacity for the pre-cast planks and beams.

San Diego City College Buildings A, D And T Renovations Multiple Building Rehabilitation

The Tyfo® system was designed by Fyfe Co. and approved by the DSA and the engineer of record, Hope-Amundson. The fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) materials have been approved by DSA on previous installations at SDCCD. In this instance,Tyfo® SCH-41 FRP materials were designed and installed to provide structural reinforcement of columns, beams, joists and slabs. While advanced FRP composites have gained wide acceptance with national and international codes, principally ACI-440.2R-08, there are still various structural rehabilitation options available to the structural engineer when reviewing their analysis and design activities.

University Of California, Davis - Olson Hall

Olson Hall was one out of nine buildings requiring a seismic upgrade according to Phase 5 of the UC Seismic Corrections Plan. Fyfe Company’s pre-qualified certified applicator, Fibrwrap Construction, was awarded the design-build project. The project documents specified existing concrete columns and diaphragms to be strengthened with the addition of fiber-reinforced polymers (FRP). The project drawings also included specific FRP detailing at obstructing concrete walls and depressions in the existing terrazzo flooring.

USC – COL And URL Strengthening Structural Improvements To Residence Halls

University of Southern California has been on the forefront of using advanced and cost-effective solutions to improve it’s infrastructure. USC Capital Construction Development worked with Fyfe to complete a seismic retrofit of the College Residence Hall (COL) and the University Residence Hall (URH). Both are three stories tall with a total of approximately 30,400 sq. ft. (15,201 sq. ft. each).

USC Raulston Memorial Research Building

The University of Southern California is completely renovating a 1952 concrete frame, brick facade building to construct a new research facility. The building is comprised of five floors, plus basement and a mechanical penthouse with a total area of 35,227 gross square feet. The project includes seismic, fire/life safety/disabled access upgrades, the installation of a fiber optic connection to the USC Norris Cancer Hospital, and the construction of a new adjoining building to house the MRI’s. FYFE Company was contacted to provide additional structural and seismic strengthening to several beams, columns and walls.

GMOL Project Dory Re-Tool Of General Mills’ Food Processing Plant

General Mills closed their Vineland, New Jersey plant in 2017 and moved a soup line to their Hannibal, Missouri plant. To accommodate the new soup line, numerous modifications, additions and relocations were required in the Hannibal plant. Work included removal of the salsa production line, a new freezer, parts storage and warehouse expansions and an office area to replace the existing displaced areas. The work included civil, structural and architectural modifications as well as the addition of new packaging equipment, process piping, mechanical, utilities and electrical modifications to support the new line.

Structural Strengthening of Elevated Slab Due to Damaged Reinforcing Steel

The project included the installation of 50 conduits through an elevated floor slab, requiring the contractor to core through the elevated floor slab. Core sizes ranged in diameter from 3 to 10 inches. During the coring process, grade 60 #4 reinforcing steel was damaged at 43 of the coring locations. The 50 cores would significantly reduce the overall strength of the elevated floor slab, requiring strengthening of the slab.

St. Paul’s Hospital Structural Strengthening

The Tyfo® SCH-41 system (unidirectional carbon fibers) was selected to provide the reinforcement needed on the steel deficient slab. Due to many physical obstacles in the project, close on-site interaction with Fibrwrap Construction, the certified applicator, was crucial. Fibrwrap Construction was able to communicate effectively with Fyfe to provide the steel equivalent reinforcement and work around the obstacles without removal of any existing equipment.

Century Plaza Hotel Seismic Retrofit and Rehabilitation

The Century Plaza Hotel was marked for demolition in 2008. The National Trust for Historic Preservation added to its list of endangered historic locations in 2009 in 2010, plans to renovate the building, including a seismic retrofit, were set in motion. The Tyfo® system was a major part of the retrofit of the main building. The project, consisting of column, beam and slab strengthening, started in October 2017 and was completed in spring 2019. As with most seismic retrofits, the Tyfo® systems was only part of the solution. There was additional conventional steel added along with buckling restrained braced frames.

YWCA On Beatty Street Structural Upgrades and Tying In Adjacent Structures

The YWCA Hotel in Vancouver, British Columbia was in the process of expanding its footprint to incorporate a new tower directly adjacent to the existing structure. The engineer of record, who was to oversee these expansions, had the challenge of not only structurally upgrading the existing tower to handle increased loading but to also tie the existing and new structures together. After careful consideration of multiple options to achieve these goals, the EOR decided that using the Tyfo® fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) system was the most sound and cost effective method to meet all the hotel’s needs.

Tower Of Hope Columns and Shear Walls Remodel

Tower of Hope, a 13-story structure built in 1968 and located in Garden Grove, California underwent a voluntary seismic rehabilitation and full remodel. The remodeled Tower of Hope will provide housing to the Christ Cathedral Catholic Corp. upon its completion in 2016. Fyfe Company was contacted to design an advanced composite system that would strengthen the existing columns and shear walls for flexure and shear.

Gaetz Ave Shear Strengthening

Fibrwrap Construction provided a complete fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) shear reinforcement solution required at the Gaetz Avenue and 60th St. overpass in the City of Red Deer, Alberta. Fyfe Co LLC certified applicators, Fibrwrap Construction, installed the Tyfo® SCH system for shear strengthening within the critical shear zone at abutments of the bridge girders due to load increasing capacity requirements. The crew installed the high strength, low-profile system to the existing girders with minimal site impact. This installation provided a time and cost-efficient solution to ensure the bridge can continue to safely perform for the community of Red Deer.