Fyfe System Projects and Case Studies

Fyfe®'s Tyfo® FRP systems - Advanced composites for structural strengthening - have been used for the rehabilitation of a range of applications covering many industries. Here you will find details of many of our projects supported by detailed case studies. 

Highway 616 Over Highway 2 FRP Repair

The Fyfe® design was based on replacing the equivalent tensile capacities of the damaged FRP system as well as adding additional strength to areas that were unreinforced in the original retrofit. Without the need for heavy equipment, the highway could stay functional by only blocking off a single lane at a time to perform the extensive clean up of fire damaged material and soot that covered most of the structure.

Greenway Bridge End Rehabilitation

WIDOT required shear reinforcement for a bridge in Monroe, Wisconsin. The bridge has been in service for many years and required concrete repairs and fiber reinforcement to supplement the loss in reinforcement steel.

California Bridge Column Shear Enhancement

Three Caltrans-owned bridge overpasses in central California were found to have columns deficient in shear capacity. As an innovative alternate to steel jacketing, the prequalified Tyfo® system pioneered the use of fiber reinforced polymers for wrapping bridge columns since the late 1980s.

Arkansas I-440 Bridge Rehabilitation

The Arkansas I-440 bridge spanning the Arkansas River was experiencing repeated cracking throughout several concrete piers. Traditional repair methods often involve short-term crack injections that require additional maintenance in the near future, leading to substantial additional costs in the following years.

Roosevelt – Kipapa Stream Bridge Structural Strengthening

The Tyfo® system was used for the design by the DOT under section 577.02 calling for the fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) system to be carbon fiber and conform to ACI 440.2R, Guide for the Design and Construction of Externally Bonded FRP System for Strengthening Concrete Structures and the AASHTO 2012 Guide Specification for Design of Bonded FRP System for Repair and Strengthening of Concrete Bridge Elements.

Route 8 Naugatuck River Bridge Strengthening Pier Cap Shear Reinforcement

Five pier caps required shear reinforcement for a total of 5,500 square feet of carbon fiber. In addition to performing the installation on the pier caps, Fyfe engineering was required to send a certified material representative onsite to oversee the ASTM D4541 pull off adhesion testing on site.

Milwaukee South First Street Bridge Rehab

In order to provide protection from specified environmental exposure for the desired extended service life, two layers of the Tyfo® SEH 51A system were applied to 64 bridge piles in a full coverage wrap scheme. Because the bridge piles in question are partially submerged in the Kinnickinnic River; the Tyfo® SW-1S water resistant epoxy was used in the saturation and application of the Tyfo® SEH 51A fabric.

Markland Bridge Phase 2 Beam Repair Using FRP

Fyfe worked with the Army Corps of Engineers on a bridge project in Warsaw, Kentucky. The Army Corps was assigned to deal with repairs needed on this bridge’s AASHTO beams due to water drainage from the bridge causing spalling and corrosion.

JFK Bridge Rehabilitation Over Risley Channel

The number of layers required to supplement the flexural capacity lost by the corroded steel varied per location. Beyond this, one layer U-wraps were installed to provide a protective membrane to the AASHTO girders at each repaired location. At the end of the project, the use of fiberwrap materials was noted as a large cost-savings to the owner that allowed the bridge to remain in service during repairs and immediately increased the bridge’s lifespan.

I-84 Bridge Overpass

As a result, some ductility was required at the plastic hinge locations at the top and bottom of each column for a total of five-foot, zero inches in both locations. The Tyfo® system was utilized along the full column height, allowing for a uniform aesthetic finish.

Indiana Dot 40314 Bridge Beam and Column Wrapping

Fyfe Co. worked with, Hydratech, a certified applicator in Ohio, who installed the Tyfo® SEH-51A glass fiber on a project for the Indiana Department of Transportation (DOT). Tyfo® RR, was used after the FRP installation as an aesthetic finish as well as a flame and smoke protection.

Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority

The Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority required the repair of the existing Robert F. Kennedy Bridge concrete super structure due to concrete spalling and deterioration.

Grove Isle Bridge Rehabiliation

The bulk of the repairs involved reinforcement treatment and concrete patching to the underside of the bridge deck slab units. In lieu of conventional hand-patching techniques at the underside of the concrete deck, a “form and pump” method was utilized.