Fyfe System Projects and Case Studies

Fyfe®'s Tyfo® FRP systems - Advanced composites for structural strengthening - have been used for the rehabilitation of a range of applications covering many industries. Here you will find details of many of our projects supported by detailed case studies. 

Fort Mason Municipal Pier Strengthening

A United States Army post for more than 100 years, Fort Mason is now a National Historic Landmark and part of the Golden Gate National Recreation area in San Francisco. The marine environment had corroded the concrete pier serving the area, with the rebar on the underside of the deck suffering from corrosion. Approximately 250 4-foot diameter cassions were found to be in need of additional confinement and shear strength to resist anticipated seismic loads.

Nassco Berths 3 & 4 Pier Strengthening

The 90 ton gantry crane in the photo above, is being supported by a 50 ton rated pier. Although the crane is not typically fully loaded, the pier experienced some overloading from time-to-time.
The beams directly below the crane rails required both shear and flexural enhancement to accommodate the service loads. Fibrwrap Construction provided a design build proposal based on the engineers performance requirements.

Repair and Retrofit of Corroded Beams, Slabs & Columns

An upscale restaurant and adjoining apartment complex, which was in poor condition structurally and aesthetically mostly due to exposure to marine weather conditions was in dire need of structural rehabilitation. The restaurant actually sets out into the ocean on concrete pilings and ocean surf is continually surging up against the bottom of the restaurant’s floor. The city required a permanent repair of corrosion damage to pilings, beams and slab or the restaurant would have to be demolished.