Arkansas I-440 Bridge Rehabilitation

The Arkansas I-440 bridge spanning the Arkansas River was experiencing repeated cracking throughout several concrete piers. Traditional repair methods often involve short-term crack injections that require additional maintenance in the near future, leading to substantial additional costs in the following years. The Arkansas DOT was looking for a valued engineering alternative to provide more of a lasting repair.

Fibrwrap Construction was contacted to inject over 40,000 square feet of cracks with epoxy. Fyfe® Company’s glass-based Tyfo® SEH-51A composite system was then used to wrap the pier columns and caps to provide additional strength and protection from exposure to corrosive environments.

The low-weight and high-tensile strength of the glass composite system provided an excellent long term solution to the piers while mitigating any future crack growth. The piers were finished with a UV protective coating that best matched the color of the existing structure.


Project: Arkansas I-440 Bridge Rehabilitation
Location: Little Rock, Arkansas

Scaffolding ready for Tyfo wrap
Tyfo SEH-51A column wrap
Tyfo SEH-51A column wrap