Geopolymer Solutions 

GeoTree Solutions is a global leader in the development, manufacturing, and commercial application of geopolymer materials. Our range is used in a wide variety of applications to repair and rehabilitate Civil, Industrial, Commercial, and Underground infrastructure.

In 2011, GeoTree Solutions developed and introduced the first geopolymer mortar material specifically designed for trenchless wastewater rehabilitation: GeoSpray® geopolymer mortar. The development of geopolymers for large-scale industry-applicable systems required the creation of a “just add water” mixture that avoided the necessity of alkaline solutions used to create the proper reaction conditions.

This contractor-friendly breakthrough paved the way for the rapid adoption of the more environmentally responsible class of materials that exhibit superior physical performance to ordinary Portland cement. 

Structural Strengthening Systems

Using our RenewWrap® range, we solve infrastructure challenges differently. More than just a materials provider, we partner with the industry to deliver smart, practical, innovative solutions. Our solutions rehabilitate, strengthen, and protect infrastructure components.

Backed by our engineering expertise and support, these systems install easier and faster than functional equivalents. Whether you are building new or repairing existing infrastructure, we can help you reinforce your structures to deliver the performance you need.

GeoTree Solutions GeoSpray applied to the walls of the culvert.
GeoSpray applied to the walls of the culvert.
GeoTree Solutions RenewWrap Aslan NSM CFRP Bars
RenewWrap Aslan NSM CFRP Bars bring installed
GeoTree Solutions RenewWrap® CFRP
RenewWrap CFRP Strengthening a bridge pillar

GeoTree Solutions' GeoSpray Geopolymer Mortar Systems

GeoTree Solutions' RenewWrap FRP for Structural Strengthening