GeoTree Solutions is a leading global provider of highly engineered solutions for repairing, rehabilitating, strengthening and protecting critical infrastructure spanning the water and wastewater, oil and gas, industrial, and civil sectors.

GeoTree’s premium geopolymer solutions and onshore/offshore structural strengthening products can be applied to culverts, sewers, or civil structure repairs. The GeoTree portfolio is unmatched—offering unique, robust and versatile products for a multitude of applications.

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New Structural Strengthening Brochure Available Now

​​​​​At GeoTree Solutions, we solve infrastructure challenges differently. More than just a materials provider, we partner with the industry to deliver smart, practical, innovative solutions. Our solutions rehabilitate, strengthen, and protect infrastructure components.

Our latest brochure highlights our range of structural strengthening solutions including RenewWrap FRP which is ideal for bridge column rehabilitation and building repair, RenewWrap/Aslan NSM CFRP Bars which are used on existing structural members in flexure and shear, and GeoStrong Repair Mortar which is a one component, non-shrink, fast-setting geopolymer mortar designed for repairing horizontal, vertical and overhead concrete surfaces where high strength is desired.
Download the brochure to see for yourself our full range of structural strengthening solutions.

GeoTree Solutions' GeoSpray Geopolymer Mortar Systems

GeoTree Solutions' RenewWrap FRP for Structural Strengthening

GeoTree Solutions GeoSpray applied to the walls of the culvert.
GeoSpray applied to the walls of the culvert.
GeoTree Solutions RenewWrap Aslan NSM CFRP Bars
RenewWrap Aslan NSM CFRP Bars bring installed
GeoTree Solutions RenewWrap® CFRP
RenewWrap CFRP Strengthening a bridge pillar