Geotree Solutions Case Studies

​​​​​GeoTree Solutions solves infrastructure challenges. We are more than just a materials provider; we partner with the industry to deliver smart, practical, innovative solutions centered around our geopolymer and structural strengthening products.

Below you will find links to Case Studies highlighting how we have resolved challenges faced by various industries.

GeoSpray installed

Pipeline Rehabilitation and Structural Strengthening Case Studies


GeoSpray® Rehabilitates Heavily Damaged Culvert

A culvert running under a busy road needed vital repairs after it was found to be in poor condition experiencing severe corrosion with pitting, and large perforations along the pipe invert.

108" CMP Culvert Lined with GeoSpray Geopolymer

In the fall of 2019 after removal of sediment, SEMSWA (Southeast Metro Stormwater Authority) engineers carried out an assessment and identified heavy wear and abrasion to the metal of a 108-inch culvert.

Steel Culvert Required Structural Repair

In early 2013, Henrico County, Virginia, identified a 120-linear foot section of 66-inch steel culvert running under Byrdhill Road in need of structural repair.

Rehabilitation of Reinforced Concrete Pipe

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is the owner of a storm sewer system that runs approximately 1,600 linear feet near the intersection of Florida State Hwy 50 and Country Lane in Orlando, FL.

Rehabilitation of CMP Culvert at Army Airfield

As part of a demonstration and research project sponsored by the US Army Engineer Research and Development Center located in Champaign, IL, the US Army Corp of Engineers (USACE), in conjunction with Fort Bragg’s Directorate of Public Works, completed the rehabilitation of a CMP culvert at the Simmons Army Airfield.

CMP Culvert Lining

The town of Cary, North Carolina, is an affluent municipality located southwest of Raleigh. The town is near the center of the Triangle region, a commuter area consisting of three major universities: Duke, UNC and NC State as well as the technology hub located in Research Triangle Park.

Structural Strengthening