Advanced Valve Technologies® (AVT) manufactures inline insertion valves for the safe and sustainable repair and rehabilitation of critical water infrastructure.

We are best known for the AVT EZ Valve®, an award-winning insertion valve designed for quick and easy installation for planned and emergency water line repair and pipeline maintenance, requiring no disruption in service.

AVT products are safe and easy to install and are ranked among the industry’s most innovative solutions. The AVT EZ Valve is designed with a built-in isolation gate that allows the valve to be installed under pressure in challenging conditions. Learn more about our valves via their datasheets within our specifications pages.

End users – from municipalities and repair companies to the refinery industry – have seen the benefit of repairs that take hours instead of days, cause minimal disruption, and simplify maintenance. Our innovative products help you keep water lines up and running. They are easy to install, cost-effective to deploy, and durable for decades.