The AVT EZ Valve, an insertion valve, can be used within a range of applications across many industries such as oil refineries and water utility networks. Learn more on the AVT Industries & Applications page: 




Our composite repairs and innovative inline insertion valves help keep pipelines up and running without introducing hot work, environmental contamination or excessive downtime.CSNRI’s industry-leading composite products repair corrosion and erosion damage, cracks, dents, wrinkle bends, and structural damage, reinforcing pipelines and restoring them to maximum allowable operating pressure (MAOP). Our systems conform to ASME PCC-2,


Petrochem & Refinery

Piping integrity within petrochemical plants and refineries is critical to effectively managing process safety, environmental hazards, and business risks. ClockSpring|NRI’s CSNRI process piping solutions are the most robust in the industry, addressing the full spectrum of plant and refinery repair conditions from -50º F (-46º C) to 550º F (288º C). Our emergency leak and


Pipeline & Distribution

ClockSpring|NRI introduced the industry to composite technology for pipeline and transmission line repairs and continues to raise the bar for performance. Initially, we applied our technology as a crack arrestor on high-pressure pressure CO2 lines, enriched natural gas pipelines, and other transmission lines that are susceptible to long-running cracks. Based on the success of this


Tanks & Terminals

ClockSpring|NRI’s experience with tank and terminal repairs covers a range of issues, including sealing pipeline cracks and leaks, the installation of inline insertion vales when water shut off is not possible, roof repairs, berm and containment area protection, and restoring the integrity of bund wall connections. Our specialized products address a broad range of challenges


Water Utility & Wastewater

ClockSpring|NRI offers a range of products and services designed specifically to meet the needs of the Water Utility & Wastewater industries.CSNRI offers the industry’s most complete suite of composite repair solutions for restoring and maintaining water pipelines, enabling safe, reliable operations in compliance with state and federal regulations.AVT’s inline insertion valve, the EZ Valve, uses


Industrial and mechanical solutions
Process plants such as this require a contant supply of water

Industrial and Mechanical Solutions

Refineries, tank farms, process plants, and many other industrial and mechanical operations require a constant supply of running water to remain operational. If a break or leak occurs on a water line or a piece of equipment fed by water, such as booster pumps, require repair or maintenance, many times, operations must be halted.


Having the equipment on hand to avoid shutdowns save industrial and mechanical operations millions of dollars a year, and is a vital part of any maintenance contractor's toolkit.


Learn more about our solutions to the challenges faced by the Industrial and Mechanical industries here.



Fire Hydrants

Across the US alone there are nearly 9 million* fire hydrants, many of which are not operational due to their need for repair.


In many cases repairs to these vital resources are postponed time and time again as shutting off their water supply would lead to local businesses and homes, also losing their water supply. This leaves water districts and municipalities with the delicate balancing act of ensuring enough hydrants are in operation, should they be needed, while not disrupting their communities to carry out repairs.


Typically fire hydrants are supplied by a ‘T’ line. This is a small section of water line that is fed by the main line running along a street. Conventional water valves require a large section of pipe to be available when installed due to the need for at least two excavations for the fitting of line stops and a valve, but the AVT EZ Valve, an insertion valve, requires just one small excavation meaning they can be fit on this small ‘T’ line and isolate the hydrant without having any effect on the rest of the local water supply.

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The AVT EZ Valve, an insertion valve, can be used within a range of applications across many industries such as oil refineries and water utility networks.
Control points create smaller areas of isolation should a valve need to be closed

Addition of Control Points

Many water networks are decades old and when originally created, were not designed to handle the new infrastructure that was added over the years.

This issue affects thousands of communities around the world and in many cases, water companies choose to insert new valves to create control points around their networks. These points enable water network operators to isolate small areas should they need to repair burst mains or carry out routine maintenance. 

The AVT EZ Valve, an insertion valve, is proving to be the valve of choice when it comes to creating these new control points as it can be installed with just one excavation being made, on a relatively short section of pipe and without the need to shut off the water supply.