This page outlines insertion valve solutions for mechanical contractors who are responsible for the heating or cooling systems, refrigeration, piping, HVAC and plumbing of a building.

Many times, when contractors need to install valves on aged water systems they are left with little choice but to shut off the supply to the whole building before they are able to make any repairs or additions to the water system. AVT's EZ Valve® is an insertion valve that can be installed on a live water line without the need to shut off the flow and has been proven to save time and money as well as ensure vital services remain live during building repair and maintenance.

The AVT EZ Valve, an insertion valve for water pipes, has proved itself to be quicker to install, uses an innovative cutting technique, and can be installed at full pressure with no need to shut off the water supply. Available in sizes from 1.5" (40mm) to 24" (600mm) the AVT EZ Valve is installed using the innovative EZ Valve toolkit which includes EM (end milling) machines that cut a slot out of the pipe meaning there is no possibility of coupon drop and the integrity of the pipe is not affected.

Insertion Valve Solutions for Mechanical Contractors
Insertion Valve Solutions for Mechanical Contractors

AVT EZ Valve®ensured the water kept flowing at a hospital

Baton Rouge, LASummary Faltering 40-year-old booster pump servicing hospital 6” galvanized pipe, 9’ in the air Valve fit upside down to cater for awkward position When a 40-year-old booster pump servicing Ochsner Health Centre in Baton Rouge, La began to falter, officials knew that had to resolve the issue fast. COVID-19 had left the hospital at full capacity…