EZ Valve® Enables Flow Control on Million-Gallon Tank

El Paso, Texas
Pipe Details

  • 20-inch (500-mm) ductile iron pipeline


  • 20-inch (508-mm) AVT EZ Valve installed as an inline valve
  • A team of AVT installers completed the repair in 6 hours
  • The valve bonnet remains in place to function as a permanent valve
  • Installed with no interruption to service

The Ft. Bliss United States Army base in Texas and water operator, Ft. Bliss Water, wanted to install a reliable valve on a 20-inch (500-mm) ductile iron pipe to control flow between two 1-million-gallon ground storage tanks to allow for the required tank certifications to be performed and maintain one tank in service at all times. on a 1-million-gallon ground storage tank. Familiar with the benefits of the AVT EZ Valve, the base personnel contacted AVT to arrange the installation.

Working with the Ft. Bliss Water Company and McCain Water Works Marketing, AVT prepared the site and installed a 20-inch (500-mm) EZ Valve.

After excavating the site and preparing the pipe surface, the team placed the valve body on the pipe and installed the valve and valve bonnet, which functions as a permanent inline valve. The result was a bubble-tight seal that took only 6 hours to complete.

AVT Installation Process