AVT EZ Valve® Restores Water Treatment Plant Main

Strasbroug, France
Pipe Details

  • 8-inch (200-mm) AVT EZ Valve installation on cast iron pipe

  • Oversized OD of 9.2 to 9.3 inches (233.7 to 236.2 mm)


  • 8-inch (200-mm) AVT EZ Valve installation was installed to repair a leaking cast iron pipe
  • A team of local installers completed the repair in 1 hour
  • The installation caused minimal impact to operations while the repair was made
  • The AVT EZ Valve allowed water flow to continue during installation
  • The valve bonnet will simplify line maintenance
  • The successful repair led to plans for more AVT EZ Valve installations at the facility

An 8-inch (200-mm) cast iron pipe for a water treatment plant in Strasbourg in northeast France had sustained a leak and needed repair. The pipeline, which was approximately 80 years old, was the main feed for the plant.

The project began with a site assessment that allowed experts to locate the problem area and excavate it to evaluate the damage. Once the decision was made to install an 8-inch (200-mm) AVT EZ Valve to provide a control point to allow a shutdown, the excess water was drained from the area to allow access to the installation team.

Working with local distributor Gutermann SARL, AVT began the installation. The first step was to thoroughly clean the pipe and prepare it for the installation of the valve. Next, the valve body was secured to the pipe, and the cutting tool was attached and leveled in preparation to cut the damaged portion of pipe. With the valve body properly place, installers cut a 120-degree slot cut across the top of the pipe. When the cutting was completed, the team closed the temporary knife gate and lowered the bonnet into place and secured it to the valve body. At this point, the wedge gate was lowered to create a drip-tight seal.

Excess Water is drained, pipe is thoroughly cleaned and prepped for valve body
Cutting tool is leveled and prepped for milling.
Wedge gate is lowered and drip tight seal is created.

The installation team was able to restore line integrity in only 1 hour with little disruption to the site and no disruption to service. The AVT EZ Valve stopped the leak, and the bonnet will allow continued reliable flow and easy maintenance on the line.

The successful installation led to immediate plans for more AVT EZ Valve installations on the site.