AVT EZ Valve® Improves Water Line Operability

United Kingdom
Pipe Details

  • A 4-inch (100mm) cast iron potable water pipeline


  • An inoperable buried valve on a 4-inch (100mm) cast iron potable water pipeline needed replacement
  • A 4-inch (100-mm) EZ Valve was installed on the line
  • Installation required only one shallow excavation
  • The line was repaired while operating
  • A team of two installers from R2M Site Services installed the valve in two hours

A major private utility company responsible for the public water supply and waste water treatment in the southeastern UK is conscientious about maintaining lines that serve millions of customers. With so many relying on the company to provide service, it is diligent about inspecting its vast network and maintaining and repairing the lines.

During a routine inspection, workers discovered a buried inoperable valve on a 4-inch (100mm) cast iron line that needed replacing. The goal was to install the valve as quickly as possible at a reasonable cost and with the least disruption to service.

Having worked previously with R2M Ltd., the UK distributor of AVT’s EZ Valve, the utility company management reached out for help. R2M was able to supply a left hand close 4-inch valve within four hours but was asked to deliver at a specific time the morning after the initial request.

Choosing to install an AVT EZ Valve meant the water main could continue working while the repair was being made. A team of two trained installers from R2M Site Services, the installation arm of R2M, excavated the area and installed the AVT EZ Valve in only two hours, providing a durable and cost-effective solution that will allow improved access and control on the repaired line.

Once installed, the AVT EZ Valve becomes a tangible and useful asset for utility companies. It is registered on their GIS system with a permanent record kept of its exact location should the company need to shut off water in that area in the future. The valve works and is operated as a standard valve and is understood by water utility workers across the industry.

Each year, water utilities work with the industry regulator Ofwat to agree on a set number of minutes they are permitted to turn off water to their customers. If that allocated time is exceeded, the company could face fines reaching into the millions of pounds.

The water utility company chose the innovative AVT EZ Valve as its unique installation and operation enabled them to insert the valve without turning off the water.

Using the AVT EZ Valve allowed the utility company to continue service to approximately 500 customers during the repair, and using the newly installed valve will make future maintenance less intrusive, less complicated, and less expensive.

AVT EZ Valve