EZ Valve® Technology Improves Water Service Reliability

Yorkshire, England
Pipe Details

  • Municipal water line


  • An AVT EZ Valve was installed on a leaking line
  • A single AVT installer completed the repair in 1.5 hours
  • The installation was carried out without interrupting service

In 2018, Yorkshire Water established a goal to cut supply interruptions to its customers to an average of two minutes per year by 2025. This was an ambitious objective, equating to a 40% reduction in leakage over a period of seven years. Achieving this goal is promising thanks to the AVT EZ Valve, a tool Clock Spring Company, Inc. added to its product offering for repairing and rehabilitating critical infrastructure with the July 2018 acquisition of Advanced Valve Technologies.

Traditional repairs necessitate rezoning several kilometers of water pipes or temporarily shutting off supply so damaged pipework can be isolated, clamped and fixed. With the AVT EZ Valve technology, pinpoint repairs for leaks and bursts can be carried out without interfering with the water supply to end users.

Ranked among the industry’s most innovative solutions, the light and compact valve is designed with a built-in isolation gate that allows installation under pressure in challenging situations. 

Harrogate Trial
N. Yorkshire Wastewater Treatment Works

The valve is easy to install in emergency conditions, maintaining pipeline integrity throughout the repair process to deliver a durable and safe solution. Because the valve is installed under live system pressure, it allows water to continue flowing while the repair is being made, it is ideal for municipal water service applications like that of Yorkshire Water, where it is imperative that interruptions be minimized.

A trial carried out in Harrogate has shown tremendous results. Because this proprietary technology eliminates the need to rezone water while repairs are carried out, it has the potential to dramatically reduce supply interruptions.

Not only does this translates into happier end users, it means fewer penalties levied by oversight authorities.