First 3” EZ Valve® Installed in the U.S. Isolates Church Enabling Repairs

City of Middletown, Ohio


  • 3” cast iron line service feed running from 100-year-old 16”
  • Isolation required at church to carry out repairs
  • Installed by AVT EZ Valve expert with assistance from EJP

The City of Middletown Water Department in Ohio was contacted by the Holy Trinity Church as the facility required long-overdue repairs and maintenance to its water system. The City searched the facility for an operable valve but due to the 102-year-old pipes and equipment, were not able to isolate the building.

The facility’s 3” cast iron water pipe runs from a 16” steel main which was also in a poor state of repair with any close enough valves also inoperable. The solution was to install a new valve and city officials were keen to ensure this did not cause a long period when the church would be without water. They contracted EJP to find a resolution to their issue.

Searching for a solution, EJP’s Robert ‘Bobby’ Blake contacted Steve Griffith out of the company’s West Carrolton, Ohio location. After making enquiries regarding the best way to resolve the issue, Christian Wehr from EJP’s Ft Wayne location suggesting using an Advanced Valve Technologies (AVT) EZ Valve, an insertion valve that can be installed on a live water main without the need to shut of the water.

The valve uses an integrated isolation gate, which when closed, after a slot has been milled across the pipe, allows the EM (end milling) machine to be removed and the bonnet with a resilient wedge to be installed.

3" AVT EZ Valve being installed

Tom Heylin, AVT’s Regional Account Director and EZ Valve expert was able to supply the first 3” EZ Valve to be fitting in the U.S. to the location along with the required install kit within one weekTom then worked with the team to schedule the installation and carried it out himself.

The installation took just 30 minutes with the water to the facility remaining on throughout the install. Now, the water can be shut off as and when the facility requires, and the valve is in place for future requirements.

AVT’s VP or Global Sales, Shawn Petty said: “The EZ Valve has been available for more than 20 years and has proved itself to be one of the most reliable insertion valve available with the most efficient install time.  We launched our small range – 1.5”, 2” and 3” – in the spring and are delighted that a 3” has been successfully installed and is proving itself to the right piece of equipment for the job.”

AVT’s Tom Heylin preparing the EZ Valve for fitting
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City of Middletown Water Department contracted EJP to find a solution