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Join CSNRI at PPIM 2020

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A+ Wrap Application

Your Best Resource for High-Performance Critical Infrastructure Solutions.
Senior Pipeline Engineer, Aleese Post will present her paper, “Analyzing the use of standard inspection tools on composite repairs” as part of the Repair Session on Friday, February 21 at 11:00 AM.

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ClockSpring|NRI Steps Up!

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CSNRI Walk to Florida

ClockSpring|NRI is going the extra mile! UK employees challenged themselves to improve their fitness by walking 4,258 miles ‘from the UK to the US’ every quarter, earning 10p/mile from the company. 1Q miles netted £800, with £200 pledged to St. Anne’s Hospice, Alzheimer’s Society, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and Disability Challengers.

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Energy Northern Perspective Features Clock Spring Solution

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Clock Spring Composites

Composite Restores Riser Integrity Offshore

When a corroded riser was found on an oil platform offshore Africa, the owner needed a solution that would minimize production loss. But this was a challenging repair. The damaged riser included a section of pipe that had been welded, creating an uneven surface; so in addition to addressing corrosion, the repair would have to contend with alignment and weld bridges.

Clock Spring had the answer – the Clock Spring composite repair sleeve and reinforcement system.

Clock Spring-trained and certified technicians prepped the line and filled in the corroded areas, then applied Clock Spring repair sleeves to the riser, restoring the line to safety without requiring production to be shut in.

If you want to know more about how this repair was carried out offshore, you can read the technical article online.

For questions about any of our composite solutions, get in touch with our experts. Our team is always happy to help.

Pipeline & Gas Journal Features Clock Spring Solution

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Composites Restore Pipeline Integrity in Gujarat

When unauthorized surface excavation damaged a buried gas line in Gujarat State, India, the line operator, GSPL, called in Clock Spring to help find a solution. Working through Allied Engineers, an authorized local distributor, Clock Spring resolved the damage and restored the line to safe operations.

In all, the team repaired 22 m (72 ft) of the pipeline, with an average daily repair length of 2.5 m (8 ft). Using Clock Spring sleeves allowed the BAKPL line to be returned to full operational integrity.

You can read the full technical article to find out how our team executed this composite repair.

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Creative Solutions Improve Worker Safety

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The oil and gas industry today is safer than it has been at any other time in history, but US statistics indicate workers in upstream oil and gas operations have one of the highest accident rates across industries. A huge amount of legislation and a long list of regulations have been put in place to address the dangers inherent to upstream oil and gas operations, so why is the number of lost time incidents, injuries and fatalities still high?

Clock Spring President and CEO Matt Boucher looks for answers.

IndustryVoice: Composites Repair In-Service Topside Piping System

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Maintaining asset integrity on offshore structures is a priority, which is why owners invest in developing regular maintenance programs to identify irregularities as soon as possible. During a scheduled inspection on an offshore production unit working offshore Africa, workers discovered corrosion on a 26-in. (660-mm) topside production piping system. The pipe needed immediate attention, but the owners did not want to shut in production while the repair was being made. They contracted Clock Spring Company Inc. to provide an engineered composite repair solution to be carried out with the critical production line in service.

The complete pipework had suffered severe external corrosion that affected straight pipe lengths, girth welds, pipe support, T’s, tight radius bends and offtakes. Clock Spring engineers determined the extent of the corrosion and performed a complete in-house engineering analysis to develop a bespoke repair solution that was manufactured in the company’s design facility in Houston.

Because of the range of areas affected, the solution included Clock Spring fully cured laminate as well as Clock Spring Contour wet layup repair, which would be used for the complex geometry configurations. Clock Spring engineers presented the client with a detailed design report outlining the complete repair in accordance with both ASME PCC-2 and ISO TS24817 guidelines.

A team of Clock Spring-trained and certified technicians installed standard Clock Spring 8-layer pre-cured coil sleeves to the straight piping sections, pipe supports, girth welds and 12-inch (305-mm) offtake systems. Because of the extent of the corrosion, installers applied high-compressive-strength filler by hand, molding it in place before installing the Clock Spring coils. The limited clearance between the pipework and deck grating required installers to use a spool feeder to place the repair sleeves.

With repairs made to the straight pipe runs, the team turned its attention to the complex geometry sections that interfaced with the reinforced sections. Clock Spring engineers designed the Contour system specifically for this repair, supplying materials to the work site in component form and mixing them by hand to form the composite repair around the structure on site.

With the repair complete, the topsides was restored to a safe condition for extended service. The Clock Spring design team not only provided safe, quickly executed and effective specialized repairs, but offered complete engineering support following installation.


  • 26-inch (660-mm) topside production piping system; and
  • Severe external corrosion .



  • Clock Spring and Contour repairs were carried out to restore extensively corroded 26-inch (660-mm) topside production piping system on an offshore asset;
  • The complete pipework was subject to severe external corrosion that affected straight pipe lengths, girth welds, pipe support, T’s, tight radius bends and offtakes;
  • Clock Spring engineers designed a specialized composite repair solution that addressed straight pipe as well as complex pipe geometries; and
  • Production continued while repairs were carried out.


Clock Spring training prepares installers to execute repairs using supplied field kits that contain all the materials necessary to perform cost-effective, long-lasting repairs.  Request a meeting with us today.


Composite Solutions Simplify Offshore Repairs

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Did you know Clock Spring composite solutions are a fast and safe alternative to traditional repairs for risers or corroded pipe offshore?

Our short video shows how Clock Spring Snap Wrap ES can be installed using rope access in just a few hours instead of several days, reducing risk and causing no disruption to operations.

Designed for 1,000 psi pipe ranging from 0.75 in. to 56 in. diameter, the flexible architecture of this composite solution can be customized for varying levels of protection and structural reinforcement.

Clock Spring training prepares installers to execute repairs using supplied field kits that contain all the materials necessary to perform cost-effective, long-lasting repairs.  Request a meeting with us today.

We look forward showing you how Clock Spring composite solution can address your offshore asset integrity management needs.

Clock Spring’s Global Team is Using Composite Solutions in New Applications

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Clock Spring Company, Inc. Vice President, Product Management and Technical Services, Buddy Powers, and Tim Mally, Global Manager, Plants/Refineries, explain to IDT Expo participants at the annual conference in Houston how Clock Spring is working directly with clients to develop innovative composite solutions for the pipeline and oil and gas industries.

Watch an Excerpt from our IDT Expo Presentation

If you would like to learn more about Clock Spring composite technology and how you can put it to work to manage your assets, you can request a call from one of our experts.

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