The energy pipeline industry is facing more opposition and scrutiny than ever before, grinding new pipeline projects almost to halt. Therefore, the existing, ageing pipeline network must carry an even larger load than originally intended. However, most existing pipelines in the ground in the US today were built before 1970, when welding and pipe manufacturing standards were not near what they are today. While pipe manufactured since 1970 has improved metallurgy, it is also not immune to having manufacturing defects. These “crack-like” defects present a significant threat to pipeline integrity and are the root cause of several pipeline failures to date. These crack-like defects can be safely addressed with an engineered composite repair. A composite can be installed while the pipeline is in operation, allowing energy to be delivered to consumers while repairs are made in the coldest weather. Read the full article and learn more about how pipeline companies can adopt a safe, robust, proven, flexible technology like CSNRI's Atlas carbon fiber composite repair system that can help keep their pipeline in operation while addressing critical defects.

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