CSNRI Europe’s teams of highly trained leak repair and composite installation technicians are based at our Manchester office. Coupled with our wide range of qualified composite solutions, CSNRI also provides full turnkey pipeline and vessel repair services to energy companies in the UK.

CSNRI understands our clients’ needs us to respond to urgent situations and we have a proven history of responding to requests 24/7. They may arrive at 9 AM on a Monday morning or 10 PM on a Sunday evening, irrelevant of time, our teams understand the need to do whatever is needed to meet Heli check in deadlines or supply boat departures.

CSNRI staff are trained leak seal technicians who hold full competency certs for installation of all composite systems. We recognize that even when a system can be shut down or isolated there is often a residual leak of fluid. Often if the line is production or safety critical, such as a deluge line, an isolation is not possible. CSNRI has developed several live leak sealing methods including our Composite injection leak seal system to arrest leaks and allow installation of an ECR (Engineered Composite Repair).

Typical pipe defects repaired by CSNRI UK Team include:

Leaking CuNiFe lines

Leaking Swivel flanges, where the line holes behind the flange

Leaking or thinned Produced water lines

Leaking of Thinned produced oil lines

Fire water lines

Deluge lines

Heater Medium

Glycol lines

GRE lines

Hypochlorite lines

Vessel repairs

Caisson Repairs

Closed/ Open Drain Repairs

Diesel lines

Hydrocarbon Lines

Sub Sea Repairs

Deck repairs

Heli netting support repairs.

Blast wall repairs

Wind wall repairs

Leaking valves