CSNRI is proud to boast the most experienced and knowledgeable engineers in the composite repair industry. With our full portfolio of products also comes superior support from a team of technical experts who can assist with design, qualification, and testing needs. The team delivers on excellence through response, detail, accuracy, and professionalism to design the best composite repair for your needs.

If you have a unique request that requires special testing or consulting on composite solutions, we have a team dedicated for you led by an on-staff, Professional Engineer. We can design a test program and provide the confidence needed to execute on the benefits of composite materials for a range of applications.

For engineers, site planners, maintenance teams, or anyone who wants to learn more about composite materials, we also provide detailed and in-depth educational programs designed to meet your needs and fit your schedule. From material qualification to final design methodology for specific repairs, CSNRI engineers can ensure you know everything you need to know to make the best decision possible when evaluating composite repair needs for your assets.

CSNRI engineers are diligent in the pursuit of excellence and are striving to bring the industry at large to the next level of composite repair usage. We are highly active in numerous industry organizations and committees to ensure that industry best practices, standards, regulations, and users across all platforms have the best information to build their composite repair programs and guideline safely and effectively.

Training & Site Support

At CSNRI, we pride ourselves on the knowledge and experience of our staff. Our qualified, professional staff delivers field supervision/support and quality control (QC) services as well as a full suite of verification and oversight programs in any installation environment anywhere in the world.

If you want an expert to verify that a repair is being carried out properly, we provide onsite personnel to supervise field work to build confidence in executing composite repairs. Our team monitors the entire repair process to ensure materials are applied correctly for a reliable repair every time.

For installers who want to have a repair verified by a third party prior to commissioning, a CSNRI expert can inspect the work to ensure our products have been installed as intended.

If you need assurance about a repair that has been in service for a while and is approaching its intended repair life, our team can inspect the repair and determine if it is safe or let you know what should be done to enable continued safe operation.

Custom Composite Testing Services

CSNRI places a high priority on R&D activities, and we have some of the best scientists and engineers in our industry constantly working to develop new products and repair solutions, including the capability of doing full in-house ASME PCC-2 certification and testing. In addition, we also host a fully outfitted testing facility allowing us to perform full-scale testing programs on installed solutions to further validate effectiveness and feed our continuous improvement goals.

With custom-built testing equipment, we can perform testing on pipe diameters anywhere from ¾” up to 48” in full-scale cyclic pressure and burst testing with our custom-built pump system. Our laboratories are fully functional to perform many ASTM tests including tensile, compression, environmental effects, abrasion, adhesion, and many other coupon-level tests.  We have also developed custom testing plans to accommodate special requests such as vibration and cathodic protection evaluations.

Some of our previous testing programs have included:

  • Cyclic pressure testing of 12” OD dent repairs up to 250,000 cycles
  • Cyclic and burst testing of 36” x 12” nozzle repairs
  • Subsea testing replicating deep sea conditions on composite repairs
  • Full burst pressure testing on out-of-service pipeline sections supplied by owners/operators for evaluation of repairs made in field from 16” up to 30” diameters