CSNRI proudly stands behind our robust portfolio of innovative composite repair systems, and strive to ensure that they are effectively, successfully, and safely utilized. To do this, we provide training and field support services for the practical installation of our composite repair systems.

Many industry standards and regulations require all installers to be fully trained and certified to install composite repair systems. CSNRI has built its library of training programs on these standards, as well as our decades of experience in the manufacturing and installation of composite materials. By ensuring all installers are properly trained and certified, and by implementing a robust quality assurance program for composite repairs, you can be fully confident that they will be durable for decades.

Repair System Training and Certification Services

CSNRI has trained and certified thousands of technicians around the world. These include technicians from service providers and contractors to owner/operator technicians performing their own repairs. We have the ability provide training at your own location, but also offer scheduled training courses at our facility in Houston, TX.

If you have need for training and certification of your technicians, we have a variety of programs and delivery methods to meet your needs. Whether you need a full training program, or simply need to renew your existing certifications, we have our complete library of training available in online and in-person delivery options depending on your needs and situations. We have also implemented a robust online training portal, which has a multitude of benefits for students, including online delivery of training content, online recertification capabilities, direct access to certificates, and many others.

If you are a current certified installer of CSNRI repair systems and have already been added to the new CSNRI training portal, click on the login button to access your profile, certificates, and see if any are due for recertification or will be expiring.  If you are a current certified installer but have not yet been added to the new training system, please reach out to us at TSS@cs-nri.com so that we can gather your information in order to create your profile and get you set up for the proper tasks and certification programs.

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Field Support and Quality Assurance Service

In addition to our high-quality training programs, CSNRI also offers field support services for your composite repair projects. While we are not a full-service, turn-key contractor providing the actual installation labor, we do work with many clients to provide a field technician who can be on site to consult and provide guidance to the installation crews, as well as perform quality assurance services and documentation. Get in touch with us today to ensure the best chance of repair success with one of our experts on site.

Training Requirements for Composite Repair Systems

This TEC talk focuses on stringent, industry leading standards for CSNRI certified installer training - who will continue to deliver, time after time, in any region, composite repair systems durable for decades.

Conference Papers

The ASME PCC-2 Standard Requirements for Training on Engineered Composite Repair Systems.

Critical Requirements of Training Programs for Engineered Composite Repair Systems. Contact us to obtain a copy.