Certification Training and Installation

Numerous trained installers around the world provide expertise in CSNRI repairs. Many are from service providers who can help owners and operators install CSNRI products. We regularly offer additional training classes around the world and can custom design training as well.

All installers must have a valid certificate indicating that they’ve passed the required training courses and are qualified to install CSNRI products.

If you are interested in becoming a certified CSNRI installer or have any questions about your current certification, please email our training department at tss@cs-nri.com.

Recertification Exams

We are in the process of transitioning our training programs to our new online platform and previous online testing is no longer available on this page or in previous programs. As we continue to transition to our new systems, please provide us with your information so that we can create your profile and set you up to use the new platform. Use this link to provide us with your Installer Transition Information or you can use the QR code below.  This will ensure you are included in our queue to create a profile in our new system which will provide you with access to the new training platform and online exams. Please note that every question MUST be answered, and information provided MUST be accurate, spelled correctly, and complete.

NOTE: This form is NOT a re-certification. This form provides us with the information needed to add you to the new system so that you can take the next steps required to complete your re-certification.