• By Tammy Bomia and Davie Peguero PE,
  • CSNRI and Shawcor

April 2020: World Pipelines magazine published an article discussing the use of composite coating technology to provide improved coating protection during HDD pipe installations.

According the World Corrosion Organization, US$2.5 trillion is lost to corrosion each year. How can asset owners mitigate these risks related to corrosion damages especially in extreme environments like HDD’s?

As a result, the pipeline industry has adopted an effective asset integrity management solution to protect their infrastructure in challenging environments. Introducing Scar-Guard®, a composite coating protection technology that prevents coating damage during horizontal directional drilling (HDD) installation.

The article highlights the challenges of HDD installations that are occurring in a broad range of applications. For instance, HDD crossings are being undertaken in challenging geotechnical environments and in environmentally sensitive areas with steel pipe up to 48 in.

Additionally, the article outlines the importance of experimenting and testing methods applied by Shawcor and CSNRI to prove the performance of composite technology being used for pipeline integrity repairs for 20+ years. Such technology provides mechanical protection of pipeline coatings installed via trenchless methods.

Successes to date prove the efficacy of Scar-Guard®, a composite ARO made of fiberglass cloth pre-impregnated with a polyurethane resin – providing protection that allows installation in the most challenging of geotechnical environments.

Read the full article and learn more about how Scar-Guard® provides superior mechanical protection to field joint and mainline coatings on directionally drilled pipelines or areas where severe drilling conditions exist.