We Are The High-Performance Critical Infrastructure Company

Critica Infrastructure is the high-performance critical infrastructure solutions company providing providing safer and more sustainable, tested, and proven, asset integrity solutions. Critica Infrastructure performance products, and associated engineering support and training services, are used by trained third-party professionals to construct, maintain, and rehabilitate pipelines, natural gas distribution lines, high-consequence industrial pipework, water and wastewater pipelines, and civil structures.

With global headquarters in Houston, Texas, and manufacturing and sales offices around the world, Critica Infrastructure products are used in more than 75 countries. Critica Infrastructure includes industry-leading products such as Clock Spring®Atlas™, SynthoGlass® XT, ScarGuard®, and DiamondWrap® composite products, the award-winning AVT EZ Valve® inline insertion valve for water lines, Fyfe® Tyfo® systems for structural strengthening, and GeoTree® GeoSpray® geopolymers for water, wastewater and stormwater lines and RenewWrap® for civil structures.

Critica Infrastructure's highly engineered solutions are delivered rapidly, easy to install, cost-effective to deploy, and durable for decades. We support our industry with engineering services, education and training programs, and high availability.

We are shaping the future of critical infrastructure by delivering valves, composites, and concrete products designed to minimize downtime and environmental hazards while maximizing cost-effectiveness and safety.