Atlas™ is a high strength, high stiffness carbon fiber system for on-site repair of piping structures; It is is designed for repairs requiring strain reduction due to dynamic loading conditions.

The Atlas™ composite repair system is comprised of a bi-directional carbon fiber system and high-strength epoxy resin. Field saturated and applied, this carbon fiber system contours extremely well around any seam or girth welds when combined with high strength load transfer filler helping minimize the strain at the crack tip.

Current testing has also shown that excessive reduction in install pressure is not needed although further testing on this matter is on-going. One major benefit of Atlas™ is the elimination of hot-work. Not only does this create a safer repair environment, it eliminates the need to purge Ethylene lines or maintain strict temperature limits during the repair. While it has proven highly capable in repairing cracks as has been discussed here, it also excels in repairing many other defect types such as dents, wrinkle bends, and of course, corrosion defects. 


The Atlas™ system is most commonly used for pipelines and piping systems that have suffered from corrosion or third party damages. Possible defects that can be repaired include:

  • External corrosion and pitting
  • Dents, gouges and scratches
  • Welds and other manufacturing flaws
  • Wrinkle Bends
  • Crack Reinforcement (conditional cases)


  • Site impregnated
  • Resin part A and part B come to the field premeasured
  • Structural fabric is impregnated in the field with conventional equipment
  • Restores pipe to original strength
  • Ideal application temperature up to 120 °F (49 °C)
  • Independently certified to ASME PCC-2 and ISO 24817 standards

Complete Kit Includes

  • Carbon Fabric
  • Primer Kit
  • Constrictor Wrap

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