Structural Strengthening System

GeoTee Solutions’ RenewWrap® CFRP strengthening system comprises a wide range of carbon and glass FRP reinforcements and compatible saturating resins highlighted by our ICC-ES certified (ESR-3663) FRP strengthening system.

The RenewWrap CFRP system is engineered to strengthen ceilings, columns, walls, piers, and most other structural members of bridges, buildings, parking decks, and other facilities and structures to extend their useful life. It is designed to restore strength to deteriorated and compromised structures, as well as improve overall structural performance. This product is ideal for the demanding and extreme repairs that are often required in industrial facilities.

Featuring EZ-SlitTM, a proprietary fabric design that enables accurate, rapid, and clean cutting without fraying, the system is easier and faster to install than competing CFRP systems. In conjunction with the simple to use ESR and LPL saturant kits, RenewWrap CFRP allows contractors to finish the job on time and under budget.

As part of a family of solutions, the RenewWrap CFRP can be used in conjunction with other GeoTree products such as GeoStrong geopolymer and NSM CFRP (ASLAN®) bars to solve the most complex issues.

With over 15 years of use, hundreds of projects completed, and approvals by most DOTs across the U.S., RenewWrap CFRP is a proven and reliable system that asset owners, engineers, and contractors have come to rely upon time and again.


  • Strengthen for load increases
  • Address changes in structural system, like slab openings
  • Retrofit for seismic, wind, or blast
  • Restore strength to damaged or deteriorated members
  • Strengthen for design/construction errors

Addressable Areas

  • Seismic-related deficiencies
  • Code changes
  • Deterioration/degradation/corrosion
  • Changes in the use of the structure
  • Design or construction errors
  • Openings cut in existing structures
  • Differential settlement


  • Bridges
  • Columns
  • Slabs (RC and PT)
  • Beams and joists
  • Walls
  • Piles and pier caps
  • Connections


Testing RenewWrap® CFRP

Our Structures Laboratory was established to support our research into the fire resistance of concrete members strengthened with FRPs. The lab has the capability of doing large-scale structural testing at temperatures up to 500oF.

A 250,000 lb load frame along with state-of-art electronic instrumentation is used to support the development of new products and applications. With our in-house testing capabilities, we can help you validate design details unique to your project. In addition, we have extensive mechanical and physical property testing capabilities. We are capable of performing a range of ASTM tests to fully characterize our FRP strengthening systems.

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