Carbon Fiber Bars

GeoTree RenewWrap NSM CFRP Bars are pre-cured carbon fiber bars designed to be used in near surface mount (NSM) strengthening applications. RenewWrap CF bars are manufactured with a grit surface to promote adhesion with the bonding resin.

RenewWrap NSM CFRP Bars may be used to strengthen or retrofit a wide range of concrete and masonry structures. They are most commonly used where traditional wet lay-up FRP systems are not suitable or where the FRP reinforcement requires additional protection from abrasion or vehicular traffic.

NSM carbon fiber bars are used for strengthening existing structural members (concrete, wood, stone or masonry) in flexure and shear. Structures that are deficient due to either a structural flaw, deterioration or because of a change in use can often be brought to a useful capacity using NSM bars.


 Typical RenewWrap® NSM CFRP Bars applications include:

  • Negative moment strengthening of slabs and bridge decks
  • Reinforcement for cantilevered bridge decks for railing and traffic barrier upgrades
  • Transverse reinforcement in double tee parking decks
  • Reinforcing around slab openings
  • Shear and flexural upgrades of walls
  • Warehouse and industrial floor slabs
  • Crack stitching 
  • Precast Bridge Deck Panels

  • Concrete Poles & Marine Pilings

  • Stay-in-Place Formwork

  • Un-bonded Post Tensioning

  • Post Tensioning of Precast Members

  • King Post Arrangement for Floor Slabs

  • Replacement of Corroded Steel Tendons 


  • Easily install using RenewWrap® NSM, two-part, epoxy, applied with GeoTree’s auto-mixing pneumatic gun

  • Manufactured with a grit surface to promote adhesion with the bonding resin

  • Sold in twenty or forty foot pieces, but custom cut to lengths required, and shipped precut

  • Complete system—Gel, pneumatically powered applicator gun, and epoxy two-part auto-mixing cartridges

  • No mixing, no waste, epoxy system—extra mixing nozzles sold separately; use part of a cartridge now, part later



  • Lightweight and easy to handle

  • Non-corrosive, may be placed close to concrete surface

  • Use with RenewWrap NSM Gel or other approved resins

  • Recessed reinforcement is protected from abrasion and traffic loadings

  • Pre-stress Tendons in Corrosive

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