Houston, August 8, 2022 – CSNRI is pleased to announce its partnership with Inductosense, a leading monitoring company. This partnership will provide pipeline operators with an enhanced pipe integrity solution for monitoring wall thickness under a composite wrap.

With the WAND system, thickness measurement data can be accessed wirelessly through the composite repair.

ThermoWrap®, A+ Wrap™, Atlas™ and Clock Spring® composite wrap products have been evaluated with the Inductosense WAND technology.

CSNRI composite repairs are installed to provide structural reinforcement for significantly corroded and thinned pipes, after which inspecting the remaining wall thickness on the pipe can become challenging. To enable the asset owner to monitor any wall loss at critical points, CSNRI has partnered with ​​​Inductosense, a leading monitoring company. The Inductosense WAND sensors can be installed under certain CSNRI composite wraps allowing for wall thickness monitoring without the need for removal or re-installation of the composite - saving the customer time and money.

To learn more check out our case study and listen to our TEC talk on-demand. If you have questions about this sensor technology, feel free to contact us.

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