Houston, May 9, 2022 – CSNRI has expanded manufacturing capacity for the ThermoWrap® family of composite repair solutions to its Houston manufacturing facility. The move is part of CSNRI’s commitment to a customer-centric business model to provide same day shipping at lowest delivered cost than previously.

The industry-leading, chemical-compatible system is designed to perform at high temperatures up to 500⁰ F. The Houston facility’s larger footprint provides scalability, with greater manufacturing capacity.

DiamondWrap® and ThermoWrap® engineered repair systems are used in refineries, chemical and petrochemical facilities, tanks and terminals to repair leaks and restore integrity of critical assets. Maintenance and repair of infrastructure in the Gulf Coast area are vital to the uninterrupted supply of energy resources across the U.S. The Houston location allows CSNRI to address the needs of the downstream industry quickly and efficiently, while also streamlining manufacturing across several product lines.

CSNRI is a world-leading manufacturer of highly innovative, engineered, composite products for the repair and rehabilitation of critical infrastructure. Visit the CSNRI website for more information on the company’s full range of composite solutions for transmission lines and process piping.