Streamlined processes and manufacturing has driven down lead times

July, 05, 2022

Advanced Valve Technologies (AVT) manufactures the EZ Valve, an insertion valve that can be installed without the need to shut off the flow and has built an enviable reputation for award-winning product quality, first-class customer service and now, industry-leading product lead times.

AVT’s operations are led by the company’s Senior Vice President of Operations, Amit Chaudhary. He and his world-class operations team’s focus has been to improve quality and drive down lead time by implementing policies and processes as well and working with the rest of the organization’s leadership team to create a true customer-first culture.

AVT is now proud to announce that lead times for its standard valves, those sized 4” to 12” now typically sit at just one to three weeks. The company also offers an expedited program which sees valves shipped in just two days – a truly unique opportunity for the water industry.

“We know that when municipalities and other water system operators identify a leak and need to install a new control point to isolate the problem area, they simply cannot afford to wait months for an insertion valve to be delivered,” Amit said. “When the company’s leadership team took over operations, we pledged that we would do everything we could to overcome the issues faced by our customers. Over the past four years our lead times have been steadily improving and we are delighted to have hit this one-week milestone.

“Driving down lead time to ensure our customers are not left waiting for a vital product has always been our aim within AVT operations,” Amit said.  “We know we can make a positive impact in people lives as well as assist in the safeguarding of the environment by delivering quality products as quickly as possible, and I am immensely proud of the team here at AVT for achieving this outstanding lead time.”

With tens of thousands of valves installed on water lines across five continents, many of which have been in operation for decades, AVT and the EZ Valve have become synonymous with quality, customer service and now world-first lead times.

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