Ground-breaking EZ Valve insertion valve launched in Spain

July, 22, 2022

Advanced Valve Technologies (AVT) has launched its ground-breaking EZ Valve insertion valve in Spain via a new strategic partnership with B Continuity Solutions, an asset management and maintenance company that focuses on ensuring businesses can continue to operate even during times of repair and maintenance. This ethos sits hand-in-hand with AVT’s drive to keep water flowing while valves are installed on live lines.

B Continuity Solutions’ CEO David Ballesté Orpinell said: “We had been working in maintenance, asset and facilities management for years and in many of our projects we detected an unmet need: support for operations. Our partnership with AVT and the EZ Valve means we will be able to support our customers when they need water valves installed, and ensure their operations remain operational.”

The AVT EZ Valve uses an integral isolation gate, which when operated after the slot has been milled into the pipe, allows the EM machine, which milled the slot, to be removed and the resilient wedge installed. This process means the valve can be installed on a live line while the water is flowing. The resilient wedge needs to be lowered just 2/3 of the way into the pipe to commission the installation meaning users have the choice of when to turn off their water.

David added: “Collaborating with AVT and installing the EZ Valve will provide an additional service which we believe is vital to our clients. It will allow us to work on customers’ water flow without the need to stop it. This will remove any negative impact of water line repairs and maintenance.”

AVT Global Sales Director, Shawn Petty said: “This strategic partnership is great news for the many businesses supported by B Continuity Solutions. It means yet more of their assets will be protected by the company. We are also delighted to showcase the AVE EZ Valve in the region and look forward to the many opportunities for our innovative technology to ensure businesses can continue to thrive.”

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