Hospital Operations Maintained During Installation of 22 AVT EZ Valves


  • 22 valves were installed in 11 locations around the facility
  • Installer R2M Site Services worked overnight during a three-week period to complete the project
  • 150mm and 200mm (6” and 8”) valves installed

Key Takeaway

  • UK hospital maintained operation through the installation project

A UK hospital maintained its vital water supply during the installation of 22 AVT EZ Valves by UK installer R2M Site Services with the valves supplied by UK distributor R2M Ltd.

The hospital’s facilities team had identified 11 locations around the facility that required the installation or replacement valves or the creation of additional control points. These would allow the team to isolate specific areas of their water system should repairs or maintenance be required in the future.

AVT EZ Valves are insertion valves that are installed without the need to shut off the water flow. The valves use integrated isolation gates, which when closed after a slot has been milled across the pipe, allows the low-profile EM (end milling) machine to be removed and the bonnet with a resilient wedge to be installed, all while the flow is maintained.

The installation team was faced with fitting the 150mm and 200mm valves in several challenging locations including on pipes running close to ceilings, lines in corners and many next to walls meaning the valves were installed in a range of orientations. The AVT EZ Valve is designed to cope with all eventualities and the skilled team took just three weeks working overnight to complete the project.

R2M Site Services is a long-time partner of AVT and has installed hundreds of EZ Valves across the country over the past four years. Managing Director, Cameron Creed said: “This particular job emanates the core values within our company, which are to serve those who are affected by water pipeline issues, wherever and whenever they need us. We are particularly proud of our teams as their flexible approach kept the water flowing, which as we all know could have been life-threatening to hospital patients.”


AVT EZ Valve installed by R2M Site Services
AVT EZ Valve installed by R2M Site Services
AVT EZ Valve installed by R2M Site Services

AVT Global Sales Director, Shawn Petty said: “The EZ Valve was created to meet the needs of clients such as this hospital, where shutting off the water flow is simply not an option. This was a very exciting project – seeing 22 EZ Valves installed in one facility is a great testament to the trustworthiness of our valves which have proven themselves to last for
“The R2M Site Services team yet again did a great job and delivered customer service we are proud to be associated with.”

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