Nassco Berths 3 & 4 Pier Strengthening


The 90 ton gantry crane in the photo above, is being supported by a 50 ton rated pier. Although the crane is not typically fully loaded, the pier experienced some overloading from time-to-time.

The beams directly below the crane rails required both shear and flexural enhancement to accommodate the service loads. Fibrwrap Construction provided a design build proposal based on the engineers performance requirements.

The work was performed from floating platforms and had to be coordinated with the tides in order to get under the pier.

Only a few piles needed repairs. The batter piles pictured had to be rebuilt to regain their shape and stiffness prior to wrapping. The concrete repair included the use of The TYFO® CIS corrosion inhibitor. The TYFO® SEH-51A System was installed using the TYFO® SW-1 epoxy so that the jacket could cure in the bay.

The TYFO® SW-1 epoxy was also used as a finish coat on the beams in order to protect them from the rising tides.


Project Nassco Berths 3 & 4 Pier Strengthening
Location San Diego