Our certified applicators have completed structural retrofits, strengthening, and repairs on more than 25,000 applications on commercial, industrial, and government facilities around the globe.  Fyfe®’s world-class training services include training for third-party contractors, third-party deputy construction inspectors, consulting structural engineers, third-party materials laboratories, university laboratories, and owners.

Fyfe’s training services include the following:

  • Certified applicator installation training
  • Design, detailing, and specification writing training
  • Installation inspection and structural observation training
  • Materials testing training
  • University research consulting
    • Test setup
    • Data acquisition
    • Material installation
    • Material design and detailing on full and large scale test specimens


Certified Applicator and Inspector Training

Fyfe Tyfo training

Fyfe’s certified applicator training reflects the know-how and experience of an advanced composites company that started the niche market 1988, and developed the market alongside the engineering community every year since.  Fyfe’s certified applicator program coveys technical information through classroom teaching as well as hands-on training. 

The comprehensive training program includes:

  • Industry terminology
  • Jobsite essentials
  • Installation methods
  • QC testing procedures
  • Inspection procedures
  • Hands-on training activities include:
    • Mixing, saturating and installation
    • Mechanical anchorage installation
    • Specialty finish application
    • Quality control testing and equipment