Fyfe North America and Fyfe Europe join ClockSpring|NRI

Fyfe® North America and Fyfe® Europe* are now part of ClockSpring|NRI, a market-leading high-performance critical infrastructure solutions company. 

Fyfe, founded in 1988 to strengthen deficient bridge columns in California using aerospace materials, pioneered fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) systems, and created the Tyfo® product range for the strengthening, repair and restoration of civil and commercial structures and water pipelines. 

ClockSpring|NRI is a composites centric organization that understands the challenges of your business in maintaining and rehabilitating critical infrastructure assets. Fyfe’s focus on structural and civil is a strong complement to the ClockSpring|NRI critical infrastructure portfolio. 

*Fyfe Asia and Fibrwrap remain part of Aegion. 

For more information on the acquisition read the full news release or contact us at FyfeInfo@cs-nri.com to learn more.

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**While we are building the new Fyfe site, you will be redirected to the Aegion website to access Fyfe product information. 

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