The Tyfo® systems have undergone more than 500 structural and material tests to validate both the effectiveness and environmental durability since 1988.

Our products have been tested at hundreds of independent universities and accredited laboratories throughout the world. These tests include full and large-scale structural testing along with valuable environmental durability research to simulate the effect of 50 to 100 years of service life. These tests are the basis for the design of our Tyfo Systems as well as the developing codes and guidelines worldwide.

In addition to these extensive laboratory tests, the Tyfo System has performed as designed in major earthquakes in Los Angeles, Seattle, Wellington (NZ), Mexico City, San Salvador, and others.

Fyfe® continues to innovate and develop products to meet the needs of the industries and customers we serve. Our in-house research and development team is committed to leading and improving the structural strengthening of the world’s infrastructure.

Fyfe Tyfo Testing
The University at Buffalo Structural Test Labratory