TridentSeal® Natural Gas – Meter Set


A natural gas distribution meter set supplying natural gas to a strip mall was identified to have several small threaded fuzz leaks.


  • Instant, permanent repair
  • No pipe replacement
  • No shutdown or relights
  • No special tools to install
  • No environmental hazards
  • Quick and easy installation

The Solution

The gas utility removed a 4” OD TridentSeal® kit from the service truck. The leak origination point was verified and the repair area was cleaned utilizing the prepackage emery cloth and solvent wipe located within the kit. The operator qualified utility worker applied a circular rope of the kneaded TridentSeal Putty around the leaking threaded joint. The TridentSeal Pressure Sealing Tape was applied directly over the TridentSeal epoxy putty, forcing the putty into the threads and sealing the leak.

The simplistic combination of these two materials allowed the gas utility to verify that the leak was sealed in less than 10 minutes from the start of the repair.

After leak soap was applied, to verify the leak was stopped, the gas utility remove the soap and applied the water activated TridentGlass™ Outer Wrap to permanently hold the repair system in place and add reinforcement to the pipe work.


The TridentSeal composite repair system eliminated the need to replace or break down the pipe work. The repair, which could have taken a substantial amount of time and hundreds of dollars in man hours and lost revenue for mall operators, was completed inexpensively in a matter of 30 minutes.