Choosing the right composite repair system... getting it right

CSNRI's Global Engineering Manager, Casey Whalen has shared his expertise with listeners of the Pipeline Technology Podcast which was sponsored by Pipeline & Gas Journal.

Casey, who has nearly a decade of experience working within the energy industry engineering composite repair solutions, was asked to feature on the podcast to share his knowledge with listeners. He joined Russel Treat to discuss  the ideal use of composites in pipeline repair, the versatility of composites, the goal of a composite to reduce stress and load on the pipe, various considerations that go into a “permanent” composite repair, how aerospace technology is being brought over to the pipeline industry to support composite repair, and more.

Casey graduated with a BS & MS in Aerospace Engineering, and has worked within the Energy Industry since 2012 through composite design engineering. As an active member of the ASME PCC-2 subcommittee, he has been working on expanding the use and acceptance of composite repairs with programs such as crack repairs in transmission pipelines.