Clearly explains how the innovative technology enables water valves to be installed without shutting off the flow.

March 31th, 2021

Advanced Valve Technologies’ (AVT) has launched its innovative new animation that takes viewers through the full process of installing the AVT EZ Valve – an insertion valve.

Although this category of valve has been available in the water industry for more than two decades, many professionals are still unaware of the product and rely on the traditional method of installing valves. This involves digging up to three excavations, cutting a live water main and stopping the flow using line stops. A further cut is then made to install a valve before the line stops are removed and the cut pipe is repaired.

This long and involved process can take days and many times leaves local consumers without water. Insertion valves are installed without the need to shut off the water flow and AVT’s EZ Valve, which is available in sizes from 1.5” to 24”, can often be installed in under an hour.

The AVT EZ Valve is different from other insertion valves on the market in that it includes an integrated isolation gate whereas other do not. This dramatically cuts down the time it takes to install the EZ Valve meaning any disruption is limited.

The team at AVT is aware that many of their potential customers have never heard of insertion valves and carry out demonstration installs to share the benefits of the technology. With the global lockdown in place arranging face-to-face demonstrations proved challenging so the team decided to create a detailed animation that clearly shows every step of the installation process.

AVT President Harry Gray said: “Seeing really is believing when it comes to insertion valve technology, so this animation is the ideal way for us to share with our customers just how the EZ Valve is installed and works. This global launch will be an eye-opener for many people within the industry and we look forward to sharing our technology with customers around the world.”