University System Remains Operational Thanks to AVT EZ Valve®

Northeastern US City


  • Boiler serving a university utility system required repair
  • 4” ductile iron pipe
  • Team of two completed install in an hour-and-a-half

The installation of an AVT EZ Valve has helped to future-proof the water system of a university utility system in a Northeastern U.S city.

AVT’s newest certified installer Millennium Industrial Services fit the insertion valve to create a control point on the water line that feeds the facility’s boiler. This enabled a current required repair and future works to take place without the need to shut off the water supply to the whole building.

Millennium chose to install the AVT EZ Valve for a range of reasons including the small excavation size required around the pipe. The valve uses an integrated isolation gate, which when operated after a slot has been milled across the pipe, allows the low-profile EM (end milling) machine to be removed and the bonnet with resilient wedge to be installed creating a permanent control point. They were also aware of the EZ Valve’s reputation within the industry and were keen to work with Advance Valve Technologies

Working with an AVT EZ Valve expert the two-man installation team took just an hour-and-a-half to fit the valve on the 4” ductile iron pipe.

AVT’s Regional Account Director and specialist in industrial and mechanical applications, Jamie White said: “We are delighted to work with yet another certified installer of the AVT EZ Valve. Millennium Industrial Services were happy with the speed and ease of install and we look forward to them using more EZ Valves to ensure other customers can maintain their water supply while vital repair and maintenance work is carried out.”

President of Millennium, Andrew Longacre, added: “Our partnership with AVT is strategic in many ways. It allows us to bring both a cost-competitive solution to the industrial, commercial, and utility markets we current service with our other specialties, but also to support AVT’s growth alongside Millennium’s in our large geographic region. We are constantly seeking a competitive edge, and the versatility of the EZ Valve and AVT engineering support gives us that.”


AVT EZ Valve insertion valve
AVT EM (end milling) cutting a 120 degree slot across the 4” ductile iron pipe
AVT EZ Valve insertion valve
Finished install of the AVT EZ Valve
AVT EZ Valve insertion valve
Valve box installation ensures ease-ofaccess for operation of the EZ Valve.
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AVT EZ Valve certified installer Millennium Industrial Services